Marta, Sebas, Guille y los demás, by Amaral

The Spanish band from Zaragoza Amaral will visit Austin in March to play a concert as part of the South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival. It is the second time that the band visits this festival and, although the date is still to be determined, it may be as part as a big show just with bands from Spain.

With such an excuse, picking up an artist to write about was easy.... although picking a single song to write about it is going to be more complicated. Como hablar would be a good option, but we already talked about it in MuzaW/dSong. Sin ti no soy nada would be an easy choice too, as it would be almost any song from the album Estrella de Mar. Instead, I am going to talk about Marta, Sebas, Guille y los demás from the album Pájaros en la Cabeza (2005).

One of the reasons I like this song is because I feel somewhat represented by it. It doesn't matter the circumstances, or where they are, or how far they are... real friends will always be friends. And it doesn't matter if we haven't seen each other in a long time, as soon as we meet, it will be like the old times.

Amaral formed in 1997 in Zaragoza when Eva Amaral (vocalist) and Juan Aguirre (guitar) joined (artistic) forces to start a project. And although today's recommendation may not be the band's most representative song, their style is clearly there.

This tribute to friends and friendship reached the number 1 in the Spanish hit charts, and it received accolades and a great reception at other Latin American countries like Argentina or Mexico.

Article published on February 28, 2013.
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