England Skies, by Shake Shake Go

Shake Shake Go is a folk/indie-pop band coming from the British Islands. They formed as a band a couple of years back (at the end of 2012) and their popularity has been growing little by little in the United Kingdom, thanks to their covers of classic folk songs, and even being the starting act for well-known artists like James Blunt.

With England Skies, a folk ballad which a relaxed and soft tune that makes it easier to listen (and a music video that was released yesterday!), they are starting to sound at an international level, making a name for their own. So far, Spotify picked as one of the bands to follow in this 2015 (which says a lot).

Shake Shake Go's songs have catchy melodies, a special energy that can be felt in their live performances, and a style that could remind of The Lumineers or Tracy Chapman. Something that, apart from England Skies, we can see in other songs from the band that are really sweet to the ear like Teach me to fly or All in time.

This year is going to see how Shake Shake Go takes off and reach for the skies. A few weeks back, they announced the launch of their first EP that will happen in March, and we are convinced that it will be a success. It's just a matter of time.

If you liked today's musical recommendation, you can take advantage and download an acoustic version of England Skies that they offer free (Ħand legal!) on the bands web site: http://www.shakeshakego.co.uk.

Article published on February 3, 2015.