Gimme Chocolate!!, by Babymetal

Imagine a Japanese teenage pop group singing (or at least trying to) in an style similar to Rammstein or Korn but mixing it with J-Pop... the result would be something like the Polly Pockets singing Feuer Frei and it would look like, if not being exactly the same, as today's music recommendation: Babymetal.

Yes. If the first thought that came to your mind after listening this song was "What the ***** is this?", you are not alone. I think everybody thought the same... even the teenage girls members of the band, who didn't know what meta was before forming the band, but that thought that mixing J-Pop/idol and Metal would be a good idea.

And, yes. Babymetal is not more than another marketing product that we see often in the Japanese music world, but with the unexpected twist of metal instead of the classic pop/electronic (that is there anyway). And the experiment seems to be giving good results so far: their videos on Youtube have millions of views and they have reached the top 10 in the Japanese and American charts.

The funny thing is that, even with a different style, the lyrics are more or less the same that the Asian public expects. For example, in today's recommendation Gimme Chocolate!! they talk about how much they like chocolate and how they'd love to eat more chocolate, but they are afraid that they may get fat (seriously).

This song is included in the album Babymetal (2014) in which we can find many songs recorded between 2011 and 2013; one of them is the popular Megitsune, a little bit more electronic than this Gimme Chocolate!!, and that will definitely catch the listener's attention.

Article published on September 4, 2014.
This article has been modified since its original publication.