Lost Stars, by Adam Levine

The other day, we went to the movies to see Begin Again, a "romantic comedy" mixed with a musical and some drama. The main characters are played by Keira Knightley, Mark Ruffalo and Adam Levine (lead vocalist of Maroon 5) and with secondary appearances by Mos Def y CeeLo Green.

I must admit that I found it an interesting movie, it has many funny scenes and a striking soundtrack with lyrics that give more meaning to the story... and that's why I don't know how it will be once it is dubbed into Spanish: I've seen good/decent musicals that once dubbed/subtitled (or even worse, not subtitled) lose their essence.

One of the main songs in the soundtrack of Begin Again is today's post: Lost Stars, that can be heard in different versions through the movie (acoustic, studio, and live) sang by different actors (Keira Knightley and Adam Levine, together and by themselves), and that has a soft rock style that reminds of Norah Jones (especillay the version of the British actress).

Although a bit more commercial (or maybe because of that), I personally prefer Adam Levine's version. Nevertheless, Keira Knightley's version doesn't fall far behind and will surprise listeners for it sweeter and more basic sound.

Lost Stars is included in Begin Again soundtrack album (2014), in which you can find three different versions of the song. The album is available on Spotify, so you can listen to the different versions and choose your favorite.

Article published on July 14, 2014.
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