El Imperio Contrataca, by Los Nikis

Los Nikis was band created in the early 80s in Spain with a characteristic punk-pop style that gained them the nickname of "Los Ramones de Algete" (The Ramones of Algete) and a group of loyal fans that sold out the few concert that the band played.

Something (the few concerts) that is interesting as they were relatively successful. The problem was that the members of Los Nikis still lived with their parents, and they had the strict rule of sleeping at home every night, that's why their number of concerts was little and they used to be early in the day (the last bus going to their town left at 11:30pm and they couldn't risk missing it.)

Although they became popular by their tongue-in-cheeck and satirical lyrics (like this one), they also released a series of historically themed songs like Venganza ("Revenge", about the Spanish Armada loss) or this El Imperio Contraataca ("The Empire Strikes Back").

They had already released several EP before publishing their first LP: Marines a pleno sol (1985), in which today's recommendation was included, two more albums followed that decade, and after a 9-year hiatus, a fourth and last LP (Más de lo mismo) was released before they split (almost) definitely so they could focus on their personal projects (inside and outside of the musical world).

Article published on September 11, 2014.
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