La Tarara

La Tarara is an interesting song. It is a children's song that boys and girls used to sing while dancing around in circles (like El Corro de la Patata), but that a lot of people know because of the flamenco version that Camarón de la Isla recorded as a homage to Federico García Lorca.

Truth is, the origins of this song date from way before Lorca, but it was the great Andalusian poet the one that wrote the most popular lyrics (as many other folk/traditional songs, there are many versions depending on the region).

The writer from Granada was inspired by the lyrics sang in Soria and it surroundings back in mid-XIX century, that were based in other even older lyrics with Sephardic origins.

Colloquially, tarara means mad, insane, or crazy. And if we take into account the lyrics that were transmitted orally, the name is really appropriate because La Tarara is an amazing character:

  • She wears a bright green dress with bells attached to it (o trousers just made up exclusively of buttons);
  • She dances all the time in the countryside around the grass and the bushes;
  • She has a "deformed" finger that doctors cannot fix;
  • Her cat only eats lettuce (as a second course!)...

No doubt, saying that La Tarara is an interesting character is just saying too little.

Article published on September 18, 2014.
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