Vincent, by Don McLean

Don McLean will always be remembered by his greatest hit "American Pie" (a song that I really like and of which we have already read on MuzaW/dSong), but if they ask me about my favorite song from this song-writer, I will always answer Vincent without doubting a single second.

Also known as "Starry, Starry Night" (because of the first verses), it is an homage that McLean wrote in honor of Vincent van Gogh after reading a biography of the Dutch artist and seeing a reproduction of the painting "The Starry Night".

The Starry Night

Across the lyrics there are many references to paintings by van Gogh, the colors that he used and his peculiar style, or to the different stages in the life of the artist; always coming back to the already mentioned "The Starry Night" (a painting that he completed at the mental institution in which he was accepted after "chopping off" his own ear).

"Vincent" was the second single from the album American Pie (1971) and got a good acceptance in the American market reaching #12 in the hit charts. As an anecdote: the song was even more popular internationally, reaching the #1 in different European countries (like the United Kingdom) while the "American Pie" single had only reached #2.

This song has been covered in multiple occasions, including the Spanish singers Julio Iglesias or Karina. In fact, the singer from Jaen can be proud to be one of the first ones covering it already in 1972 (but with the title "Dicen" included in the album "Tiempo al Tiempo"), just a few months after it was released in the United States.

Article published on October 14, 2014.
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