Una Vieja y un Viejo, by El Payo Juan Manuel

A week ago, Juan Manuel Cardona Bonilla died in Barcelona. Maybe that name doesn't ring a bell, but behind it there's one of the most prolific Spanish singers of the last 50 years, with over 700 recorded singles, and dozens of albums and compilations.

He was best known by his artistic name: "El Payo" Juan Manuel, and he standed out by his popular style mixed with rumba (catalana) and striking lyrics (that many people consider vulgar and rude).

He started his music career in the 60s (sponsored by Antonio Machín and Los Del Río!) with the nickname of "Juan Manuel y sus Rumberos", but somebody told him "you look more gypsy than Peret", he replied that he was a payo (non-gypsy) and decided to change his artistic name to "El Payo" Juan Manuel.

Sevilla his place of birth, Barcelona where his heart was, and Jaen where his soul lived and where he was welcomed (as everyone that comes to the region), he lived in Barcelona and Jaen, where he had a bar and where he recorded "El Payo canta a Jaén" with songs in honor of the province he loved dearly.

One of his most famous songs, and probably the one with the biggest repercussion, is "Una vieja y un viejo" that sounds in this article. A song that has been covered by many bands and that he edited and re-edited in numerous occasions.

RIP "El Payo" Juan Manuel.

Article published on October 23, 2014.
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