Chandelier, by Sia

Australian singer Sia published her sixth studio album 1000 Forms of Fear earlier this year; it was preceded by the success of the first single: Chandelier (song that also opens the album).

Since the song was published in March of this year, it has been covered by different artists such as Sara Bareilles, Twin Atlantic, or Emily West (as part of the show "American Idol")... and it has also been parodied by SNL or Jimmy Kimmel, in sketches in which the comedians try to imitate the dancing on the music video.

Because it is a really interesting music video too: Maddie Ziegler (an 11-year-old dancer contestant of the show "Dance Moms") is the main (and only) character in the video directed by Sia and Daniel Askill. Maddie dances in an empty apartment, and directors and dancer have been praised by its originality and the girl's flexible dance moves.

But "1000 Forms of Fear" is not a one-hit album, it includes other songs that will be of interest for the people that like this Chandelier. Just to mention a couple: Big Girls Cry (more relaxed and melodic) or Elastic Heart (with more rythm and a catchy chorus).

If you want to listen to more music from Sia, her full discography is available on Spotify. Don't miss it!

Article published on October 24, 2014.