Qing Hua Ci, by Jay Chou

Today we bring another song in Mandarin: Qing Hua Ci that could be translated as "Blue and White Porcelain" by the Taiwanese singer Jay Chou.

This mixture of Chinese traditional music with Pop soon became a huge success, earning him praise and many awards like Best Song and Best Lyrics at the 2008 Golden Melody Awards (that could be considered like an equivalent to the Grammy's, but for songs in Chinese). In that same edition, Jay Chou also won the award for best composer for the album that includes this song: On the Run (2007).

Because this young from Taiwan no only sings, he is involved in the whole process: composes, writes, produces, and edits his own songs... and his reach goes beyond that: he has also participated in four movies, directed a film and a dozen music videos, and is now producing other artists and movies.

All this seemed impossible when Jay Chou was a waiter without the required GPA to make it to college. But his life changed when a friend signed him up for a talent show: she would sing, while he played the piano.

They didn't win.

But the host of the program was so impressed by the musical composition that he hired Chou to write music for other singers. A few years later, they suggested he released his own album with the songs that other artists had rejected.

The rest is history: one published album per year since 2000 (except in 2009), millions of copies sold, hundreds of awards, cover page in Time magazine... the most successful Chinese singer and songwriter of the XXI century.

Article published on February 11, 2013.