Cinderella, by Steven Curtis Chapman

There are two ballads that mention "Cinderella" on their title, that I discovered during my stage as a student in Austin, Tx, and that I found really interesting (both in melody and lyrics). One of them is Stealing Cinderella by Chuck Wicks (we will talk about this one on the following post), and the other one is today's musical recommendation: Cinderella, by Steven Curtis Chapman.

This song is a reminder of how fast time flies and how we should make the most out of it and appreciate each moment with our children before they get to grow old and form their own families. Chapman wrote it one night after not paying enough attention to his daughters as he had a lot of work to do and couldn't wait to get it done.

Chapman, a fervent Christian, said that he felt some "divine inspiration" because, on the way to the recording studio, he couldn't take Emily Chapman's name (his older daughter) out of his mind, and he felt guilty about missing the opportunity to pay more attention to her.

Some time later, the song would take a more dramatic symbolism after Maria Sue's (the singer's youngest daughter) death in a car accident. Steven Curtis Chapman thought about removing the song from his playset (even considered quitting his musical career), but he had a change of heart as he thought that's not what his daughter would have wanted, and the conviction that the song could be a source of inspiration and hope for other people.

Since then, and even when it is an not so well-known song internationally, this ballad has collected praise and awards, reaching the top 5 of the Billboard's "Hot Christian Songs" list.

Cinderella is a small jewel that can be found in the album "This Moment" (2007).

Article published on November 23, 2014.