Lacrimosa, by Zbigniew Preisner

Zbigniew Preisner is one of the most reknown and laureated composers of the second half of the 20th century, in part thanks to the collaborations with the director Krzysztof Kie?lowski for whom he created music for some of his movies (many under the pseudonym of Van den Budenmayer.)

Although this song can be heard as part of the soundtrack for Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life, the original composition was not for this film, but for a project with Kie?lowski. Afther the Polish director passed away, the music work transformed in a piece to honor Kie?lowski with the title Requiem for My Friend (1998).

Lacrimosa is a highlight within the album, in which we can also find really interesting pieces such as Dies Irae, Lux Aeterna or Discovering the World, being this last one an instrumental song.

An interesting trivia about Zbigniew Preisner: he nevere received formal music education. He studied History and Filosophy Estudió in Krakow (Poland) and music was a self-taught thing, that he learn while listening and transcribing his favorite compositions.

I guess than means that with enough patience and tenacity, even someone like me could compose a masterpice like this Lacrimosa. But I am afraid that on top of that, you need great talent and a good sense of melody, that I lack. And as they say at the University of Salamanca: "Quod natura non dat, Salmantica non pręstat" (what nature didn't provide, this university cannot lend)... so I guess I'm a lost cause.

Article published on February 5, 2013.
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