Train Song, by Vashti Bunyan

We had mentioned her name in some previous post, but so far we hadn't written a full article about her in MuzaW, and it is time to talk about this interesting folk singer.

And the word "interesting" may not be enough to describe Vashti Bunyan's short but interesting musical career: after publishing her first album in 1970, she left the music world and stages aside fue to the poor reception she got. But thirty years later, that work had become a cult album and a mandatory reference to all the new folk voices. The album was edited and republished including some new songs, and so Bunyan retook her musical career.

During those three decades away from the microphones and the industry, Vashti Bunyan worked taking her of her children and her animals, completely unaware that her number of followers was growing and that they were paying really high amounts of money for the scarce material and LPs that were available.

But this Train Song had seen the light long before that, in the singer's second single published by Columbia in 1966 (just under the name of "Vashti"). The reception then was cold and uninspiring, but now it's a different story: Reebok and Samsung have her music in their commercials, along with other songs like Just Another Diamond Day.

Both songs are included in the album Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind, that includes singles and demos that Vashti Bunyan recorded in the late 60s.

Article published on January 21, 2013.
This article has been modified since its original publication.