I'm so sick, by Flyleaf

We are going to talk about a metal band original from Temple (Texas) that started their music career with a different name (Passerby) but that had to change it after a different artist registered before they did. As their new name, they picked Flyleaf, an English word to refer to the blank page that is placed at the beginning (and end) of a book.

Today's song recommendation (I'm so sick) was the first single from the album Flyleaf (2005), that was followed by others like Fully Alive, All Around Me or Cassie (based on the Columbine high school shooting). Although it may not be their most popular song, it became well-known when it was included in the soundtrack of movies (Resident Evil, Die Hard) and video-games (The Sims, Rock Band).

The band's style can be classified as metal and rock, but many consider that Flyleaf falls into the Christian Rock bucket as all the members are Christians and religion is a topic that shows up often in their lyrics. They have rejected that idea, explaining that they don't happen to be a Christian Rock band, but a band of Christians that play Rock.

Soon after the release of their latest album (New Horizons), Flyleaf publicly announced that Lacey Sturm, lead vocalist until then, would be leaving the fomration to continue with her solo career. A new ear starts for this band, featuring Kristen May as the lead singer.

Article published on January 11, 2013.
This article has been modified since its original publication.