Lao Shu Ai Da Mi, by Xiang Xiang

Think of something romantic to tell your significant other. Something beautiful that can summarize your feelings for the other person... we bet that the sentence "I love you like a mouse loves rice" is not even close to what you were thinking. And thatís the title of todayís recommendation: Lao Shu Ai Da Mi, that could be translated to "the mouse likes rice."

The song was originally written by Chinese singer Yang Chen Gang in 2004, and it quickly became a popular tune in East and South-East Asia, which lead to it being translated into different languages in the region.

Xiang Xiang included her own cover of the song in her album Zhu Zhi Ge (2005), and soon turned into an Internet sensation in China, launching this 20-year-old singer to stardom and the top of the music lists in the Asian giant.

The disc also included the song that gave name to the album Song of Pig (or Zhu Zhi Ge), a funny tune as popular as the Lao Shu Ai Da Mi, in which she describes a pig physically, explaining why she likes them so much.

She put the songs available for free on the Internet, and in less than a year, they had been downloaded more than a billion times! Making her the biggest Internet sensation of 2005... something interesting considering that Xiang Xiang recorded the music on her own computer with non-professional microphone or software.

Some of our readers may wonder, "But... why rice and not cheese? Mice like cheese, right?" But there is an easy explanation: the consumption of dairy and cheese in China is low and relatively modern; a majority of the Asian population is lactose intolerant (in part due to that low consumption), so they see cheese as something strange.

Article published on December 20, 2012.
This article has been modified since its original publication.