Control, by Garbage

Last week, we attended Garbage's concert at La Zona Rosa in Austin, Texas. It was originally scheduled in April, but it had to be cancelled last minute, and moved to October, making it the last stop in the North American tour, right before leaving to South America, Europe and Australia.

They were presenting their new album: Not Your Kind of People (2012), of which they played five songs (including this Control), in between their most famous tunes: Shut Your Mouth, Push It, Stupid Girl, or Only Happy When It Rains.

It was an amazing performance. Garbage, a band that doesn't seem affected by the passing years, just needed to step on the stage to make their fans delirious, and what followed was a concert full of energy, great music, and even better atmosphere.

It might have been 7 years since their last album and their announcement of an indefinite hiatus back in 2005, but the first notes of Automatic Systematic Habit followed by I Think I'm Paranoid, left no doubt that Garbage hadn't lost their touch.

Control is the latest single coming from this new album. It is vibrant and dominant, and when performed, the people's excitement was similar to the one when bigger hits like Push It or Hammering in my Head were performed.

More electronic that previous publications, Not Your Kind of People may not be the best of Garbage's albums (the bar was high), but it's consistent and loyal to the band's previous sound, and the fans will definitely enjoy it.

Article published on October 17, 2012.
This article has been modified since its original publication.